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Privacy Policy – John A. McIntyre




John A. McIntyre values and respects your privacy and only asks for the personal information needed to provide the service. John is a piano tuner technician – that is what he does.


John A. McIntyre does not pass any information to third parties.





This website does not set any cookies.


This website does not use information contained in cookies downloaded to your PC by other web sites.



Google Analytics:


This website uses ‘Google Analytics’ to analyse general trends in visitors to this website, for instance the ‘path’ visitors follow around the website. Google Analytics information is used to increase the ‘usability’ of this website.



Contact Information:


Any contact information given to John is only used to provide the information requested and to aid customer service for the specific task, for instance to discuss customer requirements.



Automatically Collected Information:


The web server collects information automatically, for instance a computer’s IP Address. John does not use this information.



Web AdServers:


John does not have a relationship with any web ‘AdServers’.



Third Parties:


John only has the ‘relationships’ with third-parties that are needed to perform the tasks of a ‘piano tuner technician’.




John A. McIntyre