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This web page is the home page of the Dundee piano-tuner technician John A. McIntyre.


John covers the Dundee, Tayside and North Fife areas but has travelled as far as London to tune and repair customers pianos.


John is the ‘resident piano tuner’ for the Caird Hall in Dundee, The Caird Hall has been the setting for many world-class pianists; John has spent many hours tuning the Caird Hall’s magnificent Steinway Model D Concert Grand which has just returned back from Messrs Steinway & Sons having undergone a complete restoration. The Caird Hall has also purchased a brand new Model D Steinway concert grand.


John served a five-year apprenticeship with Largs & Sons of Whitehall Crescent, Dundee, gaining experience in many makes and models of both grand and upright pianos.


After serving his apprenticeship John became self-employed and has now been tuning pianos for over forty years.


Please contact John to discuss your requirements.


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